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The Alexander Technique

Let me guess.  You've got this problem, maybe its physical, maybe its stress.  You've been all over, tried everything, and still, nothing's worked.  No one can explain it.

Well imagine for a moment that You might have done something to bring it on Yourself.  Not impossible right?  Here's a question for You - how often do You fold Your arms and cross Your legs, when You're not in any actual danger?  Yeah, we might not be cavemen being chased by wild beasts anymore, but that doesn't stop our minds and bodies from being on edge non stop.  Here's another - ever think that when we clam up like this, it makes us even more edgy and stressed?  That's just the beginning. 

For sure, there's no one thing that's the cause of all problems, but it only takes one thing to make it a whole lot worse.  What if You could give your problem some relief, by unlearning some of the habits that are making it so hard to live with?

So if all that You've tried hasn't worked, and You need a simple, practical way out of it, then feel free to get in touch with Olwen, and tell her how it all started.  But don't just take my word, try taking one of her client's instead.....

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