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Debbie Coombes  -  Health & Safety and Checker

Suma Wholefoods and Co-op

Good staff are hard to find, and harder to replace.  But now they are calling in sick; first it's niggles, then aches, and before you know it, the other staff are overworked, output is down, deadlines are missed, payments stop coming, and your company is in trouble. 

You may have given them some health and safety training before, only for it not to stem the tide of sick people taking days off work, or even not coming back.  But what if the problem went went beyond what people did at work, to what they were doing at home too?  What if it went even deeper, down to habits we've been stuck in our whole lives?  In the days of big beasts, our posture would often need to be defensive.  Now the big beasts are gone, but our posture is still often defensive, hurting our bodies and careers as a result.

Yet what if we could help your staff unlearn those old habits, look after their posture, and stop putting themselves out of action?  Do you think output would go up, and that your company might even grow?


Give me a call, and I'll tell you how.   

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