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"Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions"

Speakers Confidence Checklist 

What do YOU need to do?

* Find Your Unique speaking style
* Find your natural brand of humour
* Get your message across more effectively
* Make more memorable visual presentations
* Ensure you can speak to the time given
* Learn how to speak spontaneously more easily
*Learn how to ~ Plan ~ Prepare ~ Practise ~ Review ~ Your speaking in public skills
* Receive accurate feedback and hone your skills

Learn to speak in public as your best self with confidence - Enjoy it - Be effective. Learn quickly the foundations of how to plan - prepare - practise - deliver - review both pre-prepared and spontaneous speaking.  The method of training makes this a skill set transferrable to other speaking in public situations.  4 sessions 1-2-1 are enough for most clients.


Some background to "I Speak Confidently"

"I Speak Confidently" is the organisation dedicated to providing you with affordable, practical, enjoyable, regular opportunities to overcome your fears and nerves when speaking in public, whether for business reasons, like networking, to make presentations for work, to be President of your Club, make a speech at a social event, be better able to speak at meetings and interviews. 

In all walks of life. Attend a group, as a one off or as often as you need to be able to speak confidently. (Just so you know, we are not a debating society,  nor do we do speaking competitions)

Do you need to practise short "off the cuff" style introductions. Overview?

Then impromptu speaking is for you.


Or do you need to practise speaking in more detail.... for longer? Then pre-prepared speeches are for you.

Whether you are in business and need to polish your 1 minute introduction, or your 5, 10, 20 minute pitch, speech, presentation, delivering workshops, demonstrations, preparing for a job interview, wedding/social event speech, vote of thanks, being Club President, Chair of a meeting, speaking at meetings or social occasions, the Speakers Club Group may be just what you need to overcome your fears get friendly support, non judgemental specific feedback and gain confidence. It must be fun in the groups as there is so much laughter!

You don't have to be slick or formal when you make a speech. A natural relaxed speaking style is often more endearing therefore effective. (Unless you are a Judge!) Since people buy people, Your speaking style needs to reflect who YOU are. True confidence is being able to speak in a relaxed manner - just being who you are, mistakes and all. (It's how you deal with the mistakes that counts.) We all recognise confidence when we see it. Isn't it just so appealing ... attractive? You will find your individual style of humour will naturally emerge.


I set up this speakers organisation and groups as a response to the modern demand many of us face, having to speak in public, often "off the cuff", or face being held back no matter how talented, passionate, expert we may otherwise be. For many that prospect is sadly simply too terrifying. Don't let it be for you.

We look at how to prepare for and deliver different styles of speaking. We practice, learn from doing, observing, receive non judgmental gentle yet helpful feedback in a warm, friendly supportive group. You will overcome your fears, often surprisingly, quickly. Isn't it better to practice in the group than on valuable potential clients? We also practice spontaneous speaking on a wide range of subjects so that very soon, whatever life throws at us, we'll never be at a loss for words!


We also practice spontaneous speaking on a wide range of subjects so that very soon, whatever life throws at us, 
we'll never be at a loss for words!

Adele Doxey, a Coach from Huddersfield endorses Olwen:


" After many years out of the formal public speaking arena and, latterly, having suffered at the hands of a particularly adversarial work environment, I found I had lost my confidence in speaking. I came along to Olwen's group and what a warm welcome I was given by her. She made sure I felt at home and introduced me to some lovely people there, who instinctively knew how I felt and helped me with those first meetings. 


Olwen has been an enormous help to me in getting back in the saddle. I have even signed up to presenting at some business groups (a massive step for me).  Olwen's professionalism, warmth, ability to teach and her desire to see a person fluorish has been a great experience for me. 

I would recommend  her group to anyone."

Olwen's brief-speak bio:

  • President  ~  2012-2013  ASC (Association of Speakers Clubs for  Halifax & Huddersfield)

  • Communications Chair  ~  2011-2013 Rotary Club of Sowerby Bridge 

  • Alexander Technique Teacher since 2002

  • Business owner since 1994 

  • Training large > small groups since 1986

  •  Speaking since very young

A bit more about me, Olwen:

My focus is on fun, playful learning without the heavy schoolroom feel.


As an Alexander Technique Teacher for 11 years, it's been my privilege to help many clients end their back pain, improve their posture. Look  better, feel better, sound better. 


I realise I have been training people in one way or another since 1986 to express who they are and what they need. These days I'd call it helping people to stand in their truth. simply being who You are. Not always easy. For me, that's just the best thing ever. 


My favourite part is in providing simple, accurate, clear feedback since as Ken Blanchard says,  "Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions". The idea is you try it, see if it works for you.


As 2012 -2013's President of a local Association of Speakers Club I observed a pressing need for speaker training and practice to reflect and satisfy today's modern speaking needs and lifestyles.  Setting up "I Speak Confidently" is my response to this need. Posture and speaking go hand in hand to convey who we are.

So... what's my aim? Yes. You've got it. That by the time every member leaves the group, workshop, course, each can say with assurance...

Thanks! Message sent.

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