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"Olwen's approach is easily understood and her teaching style is great fun"


Sue Thomas ~ Artist

The one small key method and style of training:


How it came about and what it is.

I have developed and honed this over many years.

In the early 90's, I had some expensive Career Consultation in London. The expert educational psychologists identified my highest skill as the ability to see patterns really quickly - I was in the top 5% for my educational brackett with a personality profile very similar to another of their clients ... the chap who invented First Direct. The most innovative service product of it's time. Multiple award winning even today.


I was advised to combine my then current careers of law and financial services and follow a similar path. I did for many years as a trainer for the College of Law (and others) in a highly innovative course for training solicitors then - Financial and Business Skills in The Professional Skills course. The course was based on my practical vision, input, experience as both a solicitor and an independent financial advisor for the then largest national IFA.


I am constantly thinking with regards to my Alexander Technique Client - what is their pattern - what one small thing can they know now which will help them to unlock and realise their hidden potential and own it for themselves.

This ownership I have found produces enduring confidence which if confidence is knocked, can be regained more quickly.. resilience or with my Caribbean outlook and roots, I might call "bouncebackability".


The Story

On My 21st birthday, I was given a tiny gold key (now in my logo), by someone who became a dear and longstanding friend.

I remember thinking, what the heck is this for, it's so tiny. Somehow it seemed significant so I kept it carefully for 27 years never wearing it.

One day I knew exactly what it was for so purchased my domain name one small key and had my website of that name built.

It is one small key to unlock and realise our hidden potential.

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