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Olwen Edwards

Alexander Technque Teacher    LLB Hons    FPC 

Photograph by Mike Sterling

Brief Bio:

//  Origins: 
Jamaica, Trinidad, West Indies.

//  Currently:
Halifax, Yorkshire since 1993
(via Wales, London and a few more places).
//  Based at:
The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre
Hopwood Lane, Halifax HX1 5ER from 2013 to 2019.

Intending to be in an equally lovely new base soon.
//  Careers:         
Solicitor (currently non practising)
Trainer of Trainee Solcitors and Solicitors
Alexander Technique Teacher

Speaker, possible Author
//  Areas:
Education, Training, Innovation, Communication
Building Sound Foundations based on right beginnings
Speaking in public
Strengthening Communities by joining the dots that
connect us all, to include brokering connections.
//  Training Others:
1988 - Present
//  Credo:
"Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions" Ken Blanchard
//  Training Style:
Observe the pattern or habit that hinders
utilise onesmallkey at the beginning of the
pattern or habit that holds you back, in order to
unlock and realise hidden and/or trapped potential, putting in place new, sound foundations. A new sound beginning.
//  Brands:
Olwen Edwards
// Underlying Philosophy:
Here to maximise my #ConfidencePotential 
and to help others do the same.
//  Bottom Line:

Keep it simple
Doing only what works.

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